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About Us

We are Angle Tree Brewery.  We are a small group of locals with a common desire.  A desire to bring the amazing people of this community together, under our roof.  Together to share.  Share stories and memories, to create some new memories, and to share a few beers together with us.  Cheers!


What is an Angle Tree?

The Angle Tree was a landmark that was used to delineate the boundary between the Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  The Angle Tree Stone replaced the original marker in 1790.  This historical landmark still stands at its original location today on the border of the towns of North Attleboro and Plainville, MA.

Mission Statement

“Our goal at Angle Tree Brewery is to not only produce the finest quality craft ales and lagers, but to be a resource for the surrounding community.  By brewing good beer, we hope to bring good people together.  Through community stewardship and reciprocity, we hope to give back as much as we receive.  Hey, we’re locals, too.” 

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